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Sauli Malinen

No. 1 Best Candidate Experience 2020

LähiTapiola, Candidate NPS of +22

Q&A with Best Candidate Experience Award Winners

We emphasized the importance of good communication, a well-structured recruitment process, and treating candidates fairly while creating a good atmosphere during interviews.
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Anders Zetterlund

No. 1 Best Interview 2020

Invici, Candidate NPS of +85

Q&A with Best Interview Award Winners

We’ve had a few communication challenges with candidates looking for more senior positions. So we’ve changed our approach to ensure they feel heard and seen.
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  1. Best Candidate Experience
    Candidate NPS
  2. 2022 Winner
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  1. Best Interview
    Candidate NPS
  2. 2022 Winner
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    Bara Posten Bemanning
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