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  • Does it cost anything to apply or compete?

    No, you can compete for free in one or both of the two categories Interview or Rejection.

  • Why is it free to join?

    The Candidate Experience Awards (CXP Awards) initiative is created to shine more light on the hard work and success of HR departments around the world, and that’s why we want everyone to be able to join.

  • How is the feedback collected?

    The feedback is collected automatically using the candidate experience feedback tool Trustcruit. You can find more info at

  • Can we submit our own collected feedback?

    No, since this is a competition and the winners will get media space, a badge to show in job ads/website etc. we want the collection of feedback to be standardized so winners will be selected in a fair way.

  • Do we need to sign an agreement of some sort?

    This depends on if you are a user of any of the partner ATSs of Trustcruit. Then we need to sign a Data Processing Agreement since the ATS will send personal data (email addresses) to Trustcruit. Please contact us if you have any further questions about this.

  • How much time can we expect the competition to consume?

    The activation and onboarding is done in less than an hour.

  • How do you decide on which company wins?

    The competition is based on the research-based quality metric Candidate Net Promoter Score (CNPS). You can read more about CNPS here.

  • Can we have the survey sent out in any other language than English?

    Yes, there are no language barriers to this.

  • Are there any tips on how we can work with creating an award-winning candidate experience?

    We recommend reading the article: The Ultimate Guide to Candidate Experience which you can find here. There you can find many tips on what creates a great candidate experience.

  • How do I apply?

    Click this button, go fill out the form and you're on your way to competing in the Candidate Experience Awards.

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